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Kavin Jay is one of South East Asia's most sought-after comedians; an integral part of the comedy revolution in Malaysia, he's a rapid-fire, grumpy, joke telling machine. He may be grouchy but does it with panache that you can’t help but laugh. His intense sense of humor has tickled ribs and charmed audiences of all shapes and backgrounds. A travelling comic as well Kavin has performed in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom just to name a few!


Kavin Jay is politically incorrect, intense and shows a warped sense of love, life and liver. Being Malaysian Indian, Kavin Jay has lived life with a severe disability and was always destined to be angry and easily irritated. He was voted Malaysia's grumpiest comedian because he complains about everything so that you don’t have to. You're welcome!

"Kavin Jay is undoubtedly one of the top comedians in Malaysia right now!"

"Spontaneous, kinetic and straight up hilarious, Kavin Jay is one of the most talented stand-up comedian in the industry today."

"Kavin Jay is a comedian who seems to fully knows his strengths."

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